Arthur Happy is the founder of Laughter Yoga in Latvia and the founder of "Yoga For Happiness" company

Arthur Happy aims to bring laughter, joy, happiness and good health to people around the world. Arthur works with corporate clients, government agencies, volunteer organizations and individuals. He has trained over 100 people who have become successful Laughter Yoga instructors. Arthur has conducted over 300 Laughter Yoga classes, filmed and interviewed on BBC, LTV, LNT, TV3, TV24, ‘Shell TV’, ‘E-Advice’ and ‘Delphi’, participated in TEDx In his talk show, “The Unique Power of Communication Through Laughter.” He learned laughter yoga practice in India with the founder of this method, an Indian doctor, Dr. Madan Kataria, who began practicing it in 1995, combining deep yoga breathing with special laugh-inducing exercises. Today, this health-promoting method is already practiced in more than 100 countries around the world.


Yoga teacher Jolita

Having completed the Laughter Yoga Leadership Course at Arthur's Laugh in Riga, Latvia - it was the most amazing training I've ever had! Everything came true as promised. Questions were raised in depth: what is Laughter Yoga, what it is special about, why it needs to be practiced regularly, how it affects a person, even how we can change the world for the better with "funny" yoga. Lots of hands-on activities. Arthur inspired me to conduct Laughter Yoga classes: in two weeks I was conducting Laughter Yoga in Lithuania, Klaipeda for 20 people. Each week the number of people increases. And people said to me - what a wonderful thing about Laughter Yoga, thank you Artur for bringing Laughter Yoga to Klaipeda! Thanks for all!

Businessman Arnis

I received a Laughing Yoga Leader Training from Arthur Happy. I wish everyone the same as I did - positive emotions, have a good laugh, and continue to live on that wave of positivity!

Doctor of Psychology Guna Svence

Training for laughter yoga leaders was a great experience. Thank you Arthur for the fantastic experience I gained in your courses! I have already used laughter yoga techniques for my Master's students and for one group of teachers. I notice that these methods are like an 'opening mechanism' for people to 'sneak' out of their 'shells' and laughter is what liberates. Thank you Arthur, you are a great coach!

"Swedbank", Ilona:

Many thanks for the fantastic Laughter Yoga Class! We all really, really enjoyed it. I wish you every success!

"Bez Tabu", Diana:

"Without Taboo" team really enjoyed the Laughter Yoga class, we had a happy mood all day!

SIA "VÄ«lands Associates", Santa:

Laughter yoga class was super! We and Coca-Cola HBC Latvia are pleased with the result of the Fuze Tea promotion. Thanks for the successful cooperation!

AS "Latvenergo", Dace:

Thanks for the Laughter Yoga Class! Thank you, you had a wonderful run, we were laughing, exercising and positively charged!

"ERGO Insurance SE", Jolanta:

Thanks, was very, very cool and positively charged! Something new. Laughing sticky laughter for the yoga team :)!