Surprise your employees or customers with an original event! Laughter Yoga will be an exciting activity for corporate events, anniversaries, sports games and other important events!


Laughter Yoga is a global phenomenon that has been successfully practiced in over 100 different countries. It is a powerful ‘weapon’ that helps business people reduce workplace stress and create a creative, happy and energetic team.

The practice, created by Madan Kataria in 1995, is an important discovery that gives everyone the opportunity to laugh and practice laughing as a conscious act, as a group exercise, not just based on humor, jokes or comedy.

BBC and Google Offices use it Oprah Winfrey has tried it and finds it useful, British actor John Cleese acknowledges it to be good. This innovative concept has been widely recognized throughout the world, and has been featured in publications in prestigious media such as TIME Magazine, The New Yorker, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal and the Daily Telegraph.

Why you need to laugh deliberately?

  • In a day of high tension and stress, there are not many reasons to laugh. Therefore, it is desirable to make laughter deliberately. So we can choose when to bring laughter, joy and happiness into our lives instead of waiting for it to happen spontaneously.
  • The unintentional, random laughter that comes into our lives is short, only a few seconds, but to improve our health through laughter we have to laugh for at least 10 minutes.
  • Everyone can make laughter deliberately through laughter yoga exercises.
  • If anyone thinks that knowingly laughing is artificial or unnatural, the same can be said about running, going to the gym because we do it deliberately too.
  • It has been proven that the body cannot distinguish between deliberate laughter and unconscious and spontaneous laughter. An identical health benefit is obtained.


1. The fastest way to reduce stress and stay healthy

Laughter yoga is the simplest way to get rid of stress, tension, burnout syndrome and depression, which are the main causes of illness today and affect every employer. The more people get sick, the less productivity they get.

2. Healthy exercise for busy people

Laughter yoga acts as an aerobic exercise without sweating. It has been proven that laughing for 10 minutes from the heart produces the same effect as spending 30 minutes in a row. It helps to stimulate the heart rate, increases blood circulation, supplies oxygen and removes toxins from the body.

3. Employee productivity increases:

Work productivity is largely dependent on mood, and it is in Laughter Yoga power to change a person's mood in a matter of minutes. Laughing for 10 minutes can be equated with running for 30 minutes - we burn fat, massage our internal organs and awaken our digestive system, and operate around 400 muscles - our face, arms, abdomen and legs.

4. Team building

People who laugh together work together. Laughter Yoga is a powerful tool that brings people together in a very simple way. It also helps to achieve positive mental attitude, hope and optimism, and improves communication skills that help team building.

5. Motivation and communication

For office workers, sales and marketing people Laughter Yoga helps to smile and promote good body feelings. This improves communication, which in turn helps to increase customer numbers as well as customer satisfaction.

6. Innovation and creativity

During the constant change we live in, everyone needs to be flexible and open to new ideas, new solutions, make an unexpected change with a light smile, and Laughter Yoga is a great help here.

7. Improve focus on Human Resource Management

It is usually difficult for the human brain to concentrate for more than 90 minutes without interruption. Beyond this threshold, concentration is significantly reduced. Even a 5-10 minute short practice of Laughter Yoga provides great energy and concentration for hours in long corporate meetings, training and conferences.

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